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Holiday Rentals
There are numerous reasons why the neighborhood has struggled to bounce back, not least among them the fact that it was one of the hardest hit by the storm. Among the most indelible images from Hurricane Katrina is that of neighborhood residents clinging to rooftops, or wading, swimming and canoeing through the high waters.
Avoid foreign transaction fees
Paying for goods and services with a credit card while traveling abroad may incur big foreign transaction fees. Avoid the extra expense by signing up for a credit card that doesn`t have this fee
well before leaving.
Hostels short on staff (perhaps employees went home for the holidays) may be quick to agree. Offer a work exchange
If budget hostels are still too expensive, offer to work in exchange for a room.
Travel with a group
If possible, travel in a group and share resources. Likewise, a road trip with friends or family could save a lot of money compared with flying. The cost of a hotel room split among four friends is way cheaper than a hotel room for just one or two.
You may be eligible for a refund or voucher if the price drops. Track prices with YAPTA
Yapta tracks the cost of flights, hotels, and cars, and sends alerts when prices fall. Book when the price seems low, and continue using the service to track the price automatically.
In this Thursday, March 16, 2017 photo, weeds spout in an empty lot next to a home in the Lower 9th Ward in New Orleans. But others have concerns about the new development and whether it`s the right fit for the historic, African-American neighborhood. A major rebuilding project is set to bring new residents into the neighborhood, in what developers, officials and some residents hope will mark an important turning point. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)
The developers were able to purchase the land at a discount in return for building housing for low-to-moderate-income residents. Most are still in various stages of organizing financing or preparing to build.
(AP Photo/Gerald Herbert) A major rebuilding effort is underway in the New Orleans neighborhood decimated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Officials and some residents hope the houses planned for the Lower 9th Ward will bring in new residents and spur economic development, but others have concerns. In this Thursday, March 23, 2017 photo, students and faculty from Northwestern University and the University of Illinois work on a home in the Lower 9th Ward that was being built by Habitat for Humanity, in New Orleans.
Perks such as free Wi-Fi are sometimes offered even to members who haven`t built up "status" in the program. Join hotel loyalty programs
Even infrequent travelers should join a hotel loyalty program
Use an app when in a bind
For extreme-last-minute travel plans, the Hotel Tonight app can help find lodging at a discounted price. But don`t book before comparing the price with last-minute deals on other sites.
(AP Photo/Gerald Herbert) More than a decade after the hurricane, it still hasn`t recovered 50 percent of its population. The neighborhood of low-to-moderate-income residents was hit hard by Katrina and has struggled to recover. In this Thursday, March 16, 2017 photo, a blighted home and an empty, overgrown lot are seen in the Lower 9th Ward in New Orleans.
Use deal alerts to plan a vacation
Travelers with little preference for destination can sign up for alerts from websites such as Travelzoo and Airfarewatchdog. Subscribers often see deals for cheap flights or vacation packages.
Checking the airline`s site can help ensure travelers compare all the available prices before booking. Check Southwest, too
Prices for Southwest`s flights don`t appear on travel aggregator sites.
with group-buying AAA offers a lot of hotel discounts, as does AARP. Use group discounts
Be aggressive about leveraging discounts available through memberships
. Active-duty military personnel and their families often qualify for discounts.
Although hotels sometimes offer a discount for paying in advance, many reservations can be canceled within a day of the stay without penalty. Meanwhile, keep searching for better deals. Make hotel reservations far in advance
Book hotels in advance, before they begin to approach full occupancy and rates start climbing.
Rely on car sharing
Turn to car-share programs rather than a traditional rental service. Getaround and Turo connect car owners with people seeking short-term rentals, often at prices cheaper than traditional car-rental companies.
Use credit card insurance
When renting a car, pay with a credit card that also provides insurance
and decline the rental agency`s collision damage waiver. But check the terms - no matter the type of card, liability insurance often isn`t included. And some policies provide only reimbursements, leaving the renter to pay for damages upfront and get paid back when an insurance company has reviewed the claim.Under the government-run agency`s auspices, four developers will convert 175 properties into single-family houses and duplexes, mostly as rentals aimed at bringing people back into the community. One developer, Habitat for Humanity, began construction in February on the first of its properties.
According to The Data Center, which tracks New Orleans` area statistics, the Lower 9th Ward has regained less than half of its pre-Katrina population of about 14,000. In contrast, some areas of the city now boast larger populations.
Fortunately, the family was able to rebuild after the house took on about 20 feet (6 meters) of water during Katrina. His parents built their home in the Lower 9th Ward in the 1950s and his brother still lives there. Willie Calhoun, a lifelong resident and a reverend at one of the neighborhood churches, wishes the developers were building more homes for sale. But Calhoun is acutely aware that others did not have the means to rebuild, and he says he is "concerned now about where is the community headed.
Make money while traveling
Turn an idle vehicle into a source of profit by renting it out while traveling for the holidays. Turo can make this happen in more than 4,500 cities in the United States, with liability coverage provided by the company.
In addition to booking a stay through Airbnb or VRBO, list your own home. Check local ordinances to be sure it`s legal in your city. Don`t miss the chance to earn money while on vacation and offset some travel costs.
Laura Paul heads lowernine. She agrees with Calhoun: Instead of facilitating rental units, Paul said, the Authority should be doing everything it can to help the original property owners move back into homes in the neighborhood, perhaps with financial incentives like those being offered to the developers. org, a nonprofit group that works with families who fled during Katrina and now want to return home.
A major rebuilding project is set to bring hundreds of new residents into the neighborhood, in what developers, officials and some residents hope will mark an important turning point. But others have concerns about the new development and whether it`s the right fit for the historic, African-American neighborhood. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert) In this Thursday, March 23, 2017 photo, faculty and students from Northwestern University and the University of Illinois work on a home in the Lower 9th Ward that was being built by Habitat for Humanity, in New Orleans.
She says that while she would prefer homeowners to renters as her new neighbors, any development could be a good thing. Roycelyn Metoyer, who said she didn`t know about the development until a reporter told her, lives on a street where one of the houses is to be built.
When that`s not an option, consider Couchsurfing
. Couch surfers search the website for an open couch or spare room wherever they might be passing through. The service is free, but it can be hard to break in, as hosts rely heavily on references - no surprise given the security issues involved. Crash for free
For the ultimate in cheap lodging, sleep at a family member`s home.
NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Judging by the empty lots, it`s hard to imagine the Lower 9th Ward before Hurricane Katrina - a bustling neighborhood where African-American residents knew their neighbors, built their homes with their own hands, and shopped at black-owned stores along St.
Staying in a hostel is also a way to meet fellow travelers. Try a hostel
Especially when traveling outside the United States, consider staying in hostels
. It can mean sacrificing some privacy in exchange for multi-person bunk rooms with unrivaled low rates; slightly pricier, but still cheap, private rooms often are available.
Flash sales and exclusive discounts sometimes get sent to followers. Use social media
Keep abreast of travel deals by following airlines and hotels on social media and subscribing to their newsletters.
Book on airline websites
Check the airline`s official website before buying a ticket. Sometimes deals from the primary source are the cheapest of all and include additional benefits, such as lower fees.
7 for Christmas - and booking now if you`re flying to a smaller airport, according to the site`s research. That means booking by Nov. Know when to book flights
In an analysis of 2015 booking data, the travel search site Hipmunk found that six weeks out was the best time to book a cheap flight to one of the nation`s 20 biggest airports for the holidays.
Those who could prove ownership were likely to receive insufficient money to rebuild under a government program; greater sums were given to the owners of homes with higher market values. Since many of the homes in the community were handed down through the generations, it was often hard to establish clear title - important to obtaining rebuilding money in the mostly low-to-moderate-income neighborhood.3 percent, according to broad empirical research cited by Ingrid Ellen, the director of the Urban Planning program at NYU
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